Trader Life

This secret agent has been covertly helping traders and other time-poor City workers to… wait for it… propose to their other halves. So, if you’re looking to marry the woman (or man) of your dreams but have no clue where to begin, then Agent Engagement is on hand to help out in exactly where most men need it – buying a ring.

All in a days work, without having to worry about being captured by ham-acting Russians from 1980.

London On The Inside

This week’s LDNER runs around town helping men find, buy or design the perfect engagement ring by taking a detailed brief, working with the best jewellers in the city and most importantly by keeping it totally secret.

Meet Rowena Cumner aka Agent E…

Agent E in Partnership with The Wedding Gallery Blog

Really proud that Agent Engagement is supporting the new and marvellous @theweddinggalleryofficial now open in #London


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From London with Love: A tale of diamonds and espionage.

From smuggling diamonds in a grocery bag on a fast moving train to secret meetings in the shadows of St. Paul Cathedral at sunset, this Special Agent dedicates her time to helping clients looking for a “yes.”


INDUSTRY Q&A: Rowena Cumner on Agent Engagement.

Following the launch of ring consultancy company Agent Engagement, Retail Jeweller caught up with founder and chief executive officer Rowena Cumner to find out more

Agent E is a girl's best friend.

Lightbulb moments occur in all manner of places. For marketing manager Rowena Cumner it was on the DLR to Canary Wharf while clutching £50,000 worth of diamonds in a Sainsbury’s carrier bag.