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"Rowena is an incredibly helpful and lovely lady who's got all the right connections to make buying an engagement ring an easy process. Initially I was going to create a bespoke design, and Rowena put me in touch with a great maker -  however after a change of course I decided to go for an antique. Agent E put me in touch with all the right people, and we got an incredible ring which my partner is thrilled with. You can't go wrong using these guys, it really was a great experience!"

Matt Avery


"Rowena's help in selecting a jeweller and ring was invaluable for me. As I'm sure is the case for many, I had absolutely no idea about the various metals I needed to choose from, not to mention the whole adventure of selecting a diamond!

Without the advice of Rowena this would have been a far more intimidating process than it was! Her guidance on the ring, the diamond and her recommendation of jeweller were spot on and helped me to get considerably more from my budget than I believe I could have done alone. My (now) wife loved the ring from the moment she saw it!"

- Will Spence


"I had an AMAZING experience with Agent Engagement. She was really helpful in educating me about the different type of rings and guided me through the process so seamlessly. My fiancé loved the ring and I couldn't be more grateful for the service I received. Keep up the great work :) "

 - Ola Odu0la


"We recently used Agent Engagement to help with our search for wedding rings. Neither of us knew what we wanted and we were a little overwhelmed by the array of choice available.

Agent E really took the time to understand our likes, dislikes, style and budget etc. and then put us in touch with the jeweller that was right for us. Agent E has been on hand throughout the whole process and has really made buying our wedding rings a stress-free process – important for us when there's so much other stuff going on!

I really can't recommend Agent E enough! Such a fantastic service that has made our lives easier and has led to us getting rings that are spot on. If you're unsure about engagement or wedding rings, look no further than Agent Engagement – my partner wishes he'd known about Agent E sooner! Thank you so much, Rowena!"

- Layla-Jane & James 



"Agent Engagement is the bees knees and I am truly indebted to her. When I was making proposal plans I was swiftly baffled by all the choices one has to make when deciding on engagement rings. Agent E was amazing and turned a difficult task into an adventure. She helped me work through lots of ideas and in the end I went for a bespoke ring which was perfect. Thanks Agent E for the stellar help and advice!"

- Andrew Turnbull


"Rowena was so amazing from start to finish. I didn't have a clue where to start and she sat me down and ran through all my options.  As I wanted to help design my own she put me in contact with one of her great designers who I worked with to design a bespoke and unique ring that turned out amazingly. 

Rowena's enthusiasm and knowledge made the whole experience feel so enjoyable and fun. I would definitely recommend Agent Engagement to be your first port of call!"

- Phil Thomas


"Rowena was a critical cog in my recent engagement. She was receptive, easily contactable, helpful and everything I needed in the minefield of searching for a ring. I would recommend Rowena in the highest regard to help any man or woman with their engagement! We will stay in touch and I hope to spread the agent engagement word!!!"

 - Oli Wallis


" I used Agent E to help me find a ring for my partner. She was absolutely incredible, she understood and took on board exactly what I wanted and put me in touch with a couple of jewellers who she has a great relationship with who were able to do me a great deal, which could not be matched elsewhere. The jeweller I went with in the end was extremely friendly and was able to make a bespoke ring which was everything I imagined it to be.

Agent E was approachable, passionate and easily reachable throughout my search for the perfect ring and was extremely helpful with advice, thoughts and recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who needed help with looking for the perfect ring. Thank you Agent E! "

- Manish Patel


"Rowena and Agent Engagement are simply amazing. Finding and buying the right engagement ring can be a minefield. After some initial emailing I met with Rowena and then we went on a tour around London to find the perfect vintage ring. The experience was very relaxed and informal with Rowena knowing exactly the right dealers to go to (and the ones to avoid)! I can highly recommend their services."

 - James K