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Daisy -  Founder of The Proposers

The Proposers are the UK and Europe’s leading Romance & Marriage Proposal Planners. Over the past 5 years Daisy and her team have created over 1,000 marriage proposals, each as unique and creative as the last.


James York - Worry & Peace Ring Insurance

For your most treasured of treasures, there are specialist insurers who’ve crafted cover to fit your needs. Now there’s a service to help you buy insurance better that’s fit for the 21st-century!

Visit Worry + Peace quoting code AGENTE for a VIP Agent Engagement ring insurance


John Lewis Wedding Insurance

We know your heart and soul go into making sure your wedding is just the way you want it, that’s why we’ve taken extra care to craft insurance that puts you and your plans first. With six levels of cover, no matter what happens on your big day we could ensure everything ends happily ever after.